JamPlay Gift Card - 1 Year

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The JamPlay Gift Card

What better way to introduce a relative or friend to JamPlay.com than our 1 Year Membership. The gift recipient will receive the JamPlay Gift Card along with a personalized letter welcoming them to our service. Membership will last the individual a full 365 days of uninterrupted service. International orders will default to Digital Delivery.

What We Send You or the Gift Recipient

Instead of sending the gift recipient a simple email notification, we have produced a gift package which we ship with your purchase. At checkout, you can select to have this delivered to yourself or directly to the gift recipient. This package includes the following.

Personalized Letter + JamPlay Envelope

Upon your purchase of this card, we will create and print a personalized letter for the gift recipient. This letter provides details about JamPlay.com, our teaching methods, genres, and other features they will receive with their membership. In depth instructions are also provided, which will allow the user to login and setup their JamPlay membership account.

The JamPlay.com Gift Card

Printed on heavy card stock and sized 4.25' x 2.75', our gift cards provide the receiver with information about the membership you have purchased them, with their unique registration password. An enlarged version of the card is shown below. 



Background Information

Founded in early 2007, JamPlay.com has grown by leaps and bounds, now offering over 1000 hours of Video Guitar Lessons. On top of the full-length, 15-60 minute video lessons, users also get tablature, a written lesson writeup, chord charts and other supplemental content to help make sure you can understand all of the material.

Teaching and Lessons

JamPlay is perfect for guitar players of all levels, beginner through advanced.

At the time of this write up, JamPlay has 56 guitar teachers from ranging backgrounds and playing abilities. Each teacher has specific lesson sets teaching users how to play the guitar from the ground up, which provides diversification in teaching methods. Lets face it, not everyone learns in the same way, and not everyone can make sense of just 1 teacher. Having a variety of teachers, who teach in their own unique manner, allows most users to find and enjoy a teacher who they like, and personality they enjoy.

While a large majority of lessons are geared towards beginners, Phase 2 of the teaching curriculum focuses on genre specific and advanced playing techniques. Currently, Phase 2 features the following lesson sets. 

At this point in the user's experience at JamPlay, playing basic melodies, chords, and scales will be achieve from the lesson in Phase 1 and 2. Phase 3 serves to teach the user their favorite songs. While learning to play the guitar can be frustrating and tedious, the adventure pays off in this section, as the user can skillfully play along and master popular songs in a wide range of genres. 

Live Instruction

JamPlay.com also provides live instruction between 6 and 12 hours per day. Our professional cast of instructors teach live lessons and answer member questions via webcam. If you find yourself stuck, this is the perfect way to get help.